Eduardo Eurnekian

Jueves, septiembre 11th, 2014

Mr Eurnekian partners up with a Russian company to promote nuclear energy projects


Corporación América and Russian state-owned company Rosatom Overseas have signed an agreement which sets the framework of a strategic alliance for the construction of a new nuclear plant, a Radiation Technology station and a Nuclear Medicine station in Argentina.

The Argentine holding company Corporación América and the Russian firm Rosatom Overseas, international division of the Russian state-owned company Rosatom, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which sets the framework of the strategic alliance between both parties for future nuclear power projects for civil use in Argentina.

“The document was sealed after President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Buenos Aires and establishes the cooperation between Corporación América and Rosatom Overseas for potential nuclear energy projects in Argentina”, announced the Argentine company in a press release spread by DyN.

In addition, the company stated that, “the Memorandum considers the construction of a new nuclear plant as well as a Radiation Technology station and a Nuclear Medicine station. Likewise, it includes the promotion of Floating Power Stations in Argentina and in other countries”.

Corporación América is an Argentine holding company, with presence in Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Italy, Morocco and Armenia.

Diversified into different business units, the conglomerate run by Mr Eduardo Eurnekian is a leading nanotechnology company in Argentina and Brazil, and it has investments in conventional and wind energy, in winemaking and agricultural and livestock developments, in real estate and public works.

The holding company also heads the international consortium that is planning the Bioceánico Aconcagua corridor, which comprises a 52-km railway tunnel that will run through the Andes, and will connect the ports of Chile with the productive region of Argentina and Brazil.

Also, Corporación América is the world’s largest airport operator, with a total of 53 airports.



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