Eduardo Eurnekian

Martes, abril 15th, 2014

Eduardo Eurnekian chosen as Outstanding Latin American Air Transport Innovator


Mr. Eurnekian has devoted his life to development in several business fields, always focusing on motivating and introducing invectiveness, work and innovation in different industrial sectors, particularly in the air business. This is why he was recognized by the thousands of AeroLatinNews readers -communication media specialized in the field- with the 2014 Outstanding Latin American Air Transport Innovator prize in the 2014 Gala Awards; ceremony held during the Wings of Change Conference in Santiago de Chile, within the FIDAE Air Show.

It was Mr. Eurnekian’s nephew and AA2000 vice-president, Martín Eurnekian, who attended the Conference in Chile and received the prize on his uncle’s behalf.

For an insight into his life it can be stated that Eduardo Eurnekian was born on December 4, 1932, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following his first steps in the family-owned textile industry company, he got diversified into communications & media by creating the first TV-Cable company in Argentina, as well as getting involved in free-to-air TV, and in the acquisition of four radio stations and two newspapers.

As years went by, this renowned entrepreneur also got engaged in projects in such diverse sectors as infrastructure, agriculture, energy, retail and banking, thus being considered one of Latin America’s most successful businessmen.

As a result, he became president of Corporación América and 1st vice-president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce.

Since 1998, Corporación América ( has constantly generated attractive business units among which there stand out the Airport and Air Cargo Terminals (Aeropuertos Argentina 2000), Energy (Unitec Bio), Infrastructure (Helport), Financial Services (Converse Bank), Agro-industries (Unitec Bio), throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Corporación América currently boasts the concession of 48 airports in Argentina, Italy, Armenia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay.

Most recently, the Group has set up the “Bioceanico Aconcagua” Corridor international consortium for the construction of a tunnel that will connect the Pacific and Atlantic oceans through a 205-km railway route between Chile and Argentina.

Other awards he received include:

  • The “Businessman of the Year” distinction, Argentina (1995).
  •  The “Leonardo Award”, received from the Italian Government (1999).
  • The “Saint Gregory Illuminator Order” medal, received from the Armenian Government (2001).
  • The “Man of the Year” distinction, received from the Armenian General Benevolent Union (2010).
  • The “Knight of Holy Etchmiadzin” order, received from the Catholicos of all Armenians, His Holiness Karekin II (2011).
  • The 2014 GALA Award as Outstanding Latin American Air Transport Innovator

Source: AeroLatinNews

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