Eduardo Eurnekian

Social Responsibility

Martes, octubre 30th, 2012

Relatives of the Fallen Soldiers in Malvinas recognized Eurnekian for his Commitment and Generosity

Buenos Aires, 30 October 2012 – Today, the Comisión de Familiares de Caídos en Malvinas (Commission of Relatives of the Fallen Soldiers in Malvinas) recognized Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian for having donated the Darwin Cemetery Cenotaph in the islands. (más…)

Viernes, agosto 24th, 2012

500,000-dollar reward for information on Raoul Wallenberg

The top authorities of the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation, headed by Eduardo Eurnekian, announced that half a million dollars are offered to anyone who can provide information about the Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of lives during World War II. (más…)

Jueves, junio 21st, 2012

We are our memory

By Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian – Published in Perfil newspaper on 16/06/2012

It was in early 2002 when in a first meeting with the then British ambassador to Argentina, Robin Christopher, he presented to me the concerns voiced by the Commission of Families of Argentines Fallen on the Malvinas War, headed by Héctor Cisneros, César González Trejo, Leandro de la Colina and Delmira de Cao. What they highlighted was the need to create a special place where families and all Argentines could honor the memory of those who fell for their country. (más…)

Viernes, agosto 26th, 2011

“Computer to Every Child” program starts in Karabakh.

Initiator of the program is Armenian Argentinean businessman Eudardo Eurnekian. This January Eurnekian and NKR Premier Ara Harutunyan signed an agreement on new education program in the schools of Nagorno-Karabakh. (más…)

Jueves, enero 27th, 2011

One Laptop per child in Karabakh

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Nakorno Karabagh, Mr. Ara Harutyunyan and Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian, an internationally recognized Argentinean-Armenian businessman signed a memorandum of understanding, launching the implementation of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program in Nakorno Karabagh (NKR).

OLPC is an educational program developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, Massachusetts. OLPC develops state of the art laptop computers, which are equipped with advanced educational software for students in developing countries. (más…)

Jueves, enero 21st, 2010

Haiti te necesita

HaitiAeropuertos Argentina 2000 together with Pan American Development Foundation (PADF), the Private Sector of the Americas (SPA), The Airports Council International for Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC), and Corporación América (CASA), have liaised in order to help Haiti community at this tragic moment the Caribbean people are experiencing.

On the last 12th January a 7.3 Richter size earthquake occurred in Haiti and its epicenter was located in its Capital, Port-au-Prince. This earthquake caused a number of deaths not yet estimated and a substantial number of material damage.

Many buildings and the public infrastructure have been destroyed. Hospitals, schools and two ports of the city have suffered serious damages. This infrastructure damages have made many people abandon their homes and resort to temporary overcrowded shelters. (más…)

Lunes, octubre 5th, 2009

Historic visit to Darwin Cemetery in the Malvinas Islands

eduardo eurnekian malvinasEverything went as planned by the Commission of Relatives of the Victims Fallen in Malvinas and the South Atlantic Islands. The first group of 170 people had the chance to visit the graves of their beloved ones and participate in the formal opening of the Cenotaph built in such location.
They landed on board LAN flight in Mount Pleasant, the British military base some minutes after 9 AM. They were seen out by Cristina de Kirchner in Río Gallegos. There she greeted all the relatives. Immigration formalities were speeded up as to have every passenger on the bus that would take them to the Argentine Cemetery in Darwin in just fifteen minutes.

To reach the cemetery, they had to take a 40-kilometers ride along a ragged gravel road. British Police officers could be seen twice on the roadside. (más…)

Lunes, octubre 5th, 2009

Eurnekian participated in the V Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative

clinton-global-initiative-2009The president of Corporación América, Eduardo Eurnekian, has participated in the Fifth Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The event held in September in the city of New York focused on the ways in which CGI members can make smart investments in infrastructure and human capital.

“Whether it entails offering dwellings to those who do not have one, education to the poor, or green technologies to solve our climate crisis, the solutions to the most pressing challenges ahead require our investment in infrastructure and human capital,” President Clinton said. “Governments and companies alike should make smart investments in projects and labor force to spread the benefits of economic growth to millions of people around the globe.”

Eurnekian participated in the formal opening of this event and showed his strong and sincere interest. Moreover, he also attended the special conference given by a panel of keynote lecturers, including the US Secretary of Labor, Hilda D. Solís. (más…)

Martes, agosto 25th, 2009

Darwin cenotaph is to be formally opened in October to pay homage to the fallen soldiers during the Malvinas War

eurnekian-cenotafio1October 3 and 10 are the dates chosen. Then, approximately 500 relatives from Argentine soldiers fallen in the Malvinas War will travel to the Islands to open the cenotaph in Darwin cemetery. The monument was donated by Eduardo Eurnekian, president of Corporación América.

Eurnekian committed to build this site as a humble recognition of a sad episode that is deeply felt by the entire people of Argentina. The historic event in question was the Malvinas War, where thousands of young boys participated and sacrificed their lives to defend their and our homeland.

In the light of such an important development in Argentina, Mr. Eurnekian believes that the suffering of these young soldiers’ families deserves a place where they can feel themselves in communion with their beloved ones.


Martes, abril 14th, 2009

AA2000 with the people of Tartagal

The Group known as Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 just like many other companies and organizations is carrying out a solidarity campaign. The purpose is to help the people of Tartagal, in the province of Salta.

The campaign started on February 16 and still continues, as the needs voiced by the Northern Region of Argentina are really overwhelming. The storms and floods of this last summer have had severe consequences. Many people are still homeless and have been left even without the essentials elements to live.

Therefore, we invite everyone who still wants to cooperate. Individuals are invited to bring their donations to any of the 33 airports managed by AA2000. The company has clearly defined an area where anyone can make a contribution.

The collected items will be taken to the House of the Province of Salta (in the city of Buenos Aires) or directly to the province, depending on the distance.

Personal hygiene and cleaning products, kitchenware, water, powdered milk, diapers, non-perishable food, clothes, blankets, shoes, over-the-counter medicines, and mattresses are welcome, among many other elements.

This ill-needed help is still urgent. So, if you can help, do not hesitate and do it. For questions, please call (011) 4326-2456.

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