Eduardo Eurnekian

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Miércoles, febrero 26th, 2014

Eduardo Eurnekian: a magnate of many talents with an eye on Brazil



Owner of a USD 1.8 billion fortune, this entrepreneur does business in various fields such as banks and vineyards.

Upon entering the airport and nanotechnology sectors in Brazil, he now wants to lure companies into a regional integration project.

BUENOS AIRES AND RIO – Called by many “the lord of the airports”, the Argentine magnate Eduardo Eurnekian, 81 and single, is much more than that. In the last 40 years, period in which Argentina went through violent dictatorships, civilian governments that failed to complete their terms and severe financial crises, Mr. Eurnekian built an empire that now seems to have no boundaries. His powerful Corporación América already operates 52 airports worldwide (including those in Natal and Brasilia). While this year, the plan is to obtain 21 air terminals in Greece and some others in Latin American countries such as Chile and Peru.    (más…)

Miércoles, febrero 5th, 2014

Group wants to operate further airports in Brazil

By De Brasília


Corporación América, with profits amounting to USD 2 billion a year, is eyeing more airports in Brazil. In partnership with Brazilian company Engevix, the Argentine group already manages the airports of Brasília (DF) and São Gonçalo do Amarante (RN), with 50% of the share. Martín Eurnekian, director accountable for the company’s businesses in the country, estimates that there are still at least ten attractive air terminals for the private sector.

“Manaus, Recife, Salvador, Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and Curitiba could be profitable investments, exemplifies Eurnekian, adding that the central airports of Congonhas (SP) and Santos Dumont (RJ) are also attractive. However, the Civil Aviation Secretary has already made it clear that the two latter have no chances of falling in private hands. (más…)

Viernes, enero 24th, 2014

Eurnekian Targets Greek Airports Following Crisis

By Juan Pablo Spinetto and Daniel Cancel

Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) — Argentine billionaire Eduardo Eurnekian’s Corp. America holding company is bidding for all of Greece’s airports  as the group looks to expand in Southern Europe and take advantage of  discount prices after the crisis.

Corp. America’s airport operating unit is bidding for 21 Greek airports, Martin Eurnekian, head of the division and a nephew of Eduardo, said in an interview in Davos yesterday. The group, which is acquiring a 23 percent stake in Pisa, Italy’s airport this week, is also trying to complete a plan to integrate Tuscany’s airports by adding Florence, he said. (más…)

Jueves, abril 11th, 2013

Eduardo Eurnekian at the opening of Terminal B in Ezeiza

With an investment of AR$ 570 million, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 opened today one of the most important infrastructure works in the region. (más…)

Jueves, marzo 21st, 2013

A new prestigious architecture award for Aeropuerto de Carrasco


Ever since its opening back in 2009, the new terminal of Aeropuerto de Carrasco -work designed by the renowned architect Rafael Viñoly- has received a number of awards at international level, which have placed the airport at par with the best airports worldwide. (más…)

Viernes, enero 18th, 2013

“Zvartnots” international airport in the Structural Engineering magazine

The Structural Engineering magazine published an article about received “Engineer Jose Luis Delpini award to remarkable structure corresponding to 2011-2012, as a recognition to the worked carried out “Zvartnots” international airport in Armenia: IE-PREMIO-DELPINI-EVN

Miércoles, noviembre 7th, 2012

Eduardo Eurnekian: “We’re very comfortable in the airport activity”

Corporación América is one of the companies bidding for Aeroportos de Portugal (ANA). There follows an exclusive interview with Eduardo Eurnekian for Negocios da Semana of SIC Television, one of Portugal’s most popular economy programmes. (más…)

Viernes, octubre 12th, 2012

Eurnekian received the 2012 Business Executive Award

Yesterday, the President of Corporación América, Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian, received the 2012 Business Executive Award granted by the Association of Business Executives (ADE), within the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the entity. (más…)

Viernes, octubre 5th, 2012

Eurnekian will receive the Business Executive Award

The President of Corporación América, Mr. Eduardo Eurnekian, will receive the Business Executive Award granted by the Association of Business Executives (ADE), next Wednesday 10 October. (más…)

Lunes, septiembre 10th, 2012

Eduard Eurnekian in ICC Bulletin magazine

The official newsletter of the International Chamber of Commerce held a special report on the delivery of business award for peace in Oslo,which was awarded the President of Corporacion America, Eduardo Eurnekian. (más…)

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